Hi! We’re Jeff and Iris Yeung, a husband and wife team creating handcrafted boxes for hearts hurting from the pain of infertility and pregnancy/perinatal loss. Iris is the creative side, and Jeff is the technical side. We met in 2013, fell in love, and were married in 2014. Early on in our marriage, we didn’t think anything was wrong, and then we realized that getting pregnant wasn’t as easy as it seems. To date, we’ve been struggling with infertility for nearly three years.

Embracing infertility is already hard, but we received our news in a very uncompassionate manner. As we were praying about what steps we should take in trying to grow our family, we came up with our “baby”: the idea to create beautiful care packages to encourage others who have similar struggles. Part of our inspiration came from a couple of Iris’ sweet friends who put a care package together for her after a particularly hopeful cycle ended in a period and much disappointment.

We finally conceived in 2017, but lost our baby Joy Olivia through a missed miscarriage in January 2018. Through this journey, we have become better acquainted with pain and with how difficult it can be, both personally and on a marriage. Something that has helped to keep us grounded is trusting in God, and learning more about Him through this process. Losing our baby gave us greater insight into God’s heart: that He gave His perfect Son as a baby to imperfect humans; that Jesus laid down His perfect life for the sake of sinners like us; that only He could satisfy God’s wrath at our sin; and that because of Jesus, we could be restored into right relationship with God. It gave us a different perspective on God’s heart, that God Himself became a bereaved parent for our sake, and that He really understands our pain. Through Christ’s resurrection, we can have hope that death is not the end. We believe that Joy is in a better place and that we will see her again.

When we lost Joy, our friends put together a series of care packages to encourage us and remind us that we were not alone. After our miscarriage, we have been growing through our loss and recognize that there are many, many hurting hearts out there struggling with, pregnancy loss, and perinatal loss.

At RebloomBox, we want to make sure that hurting hearts know that they aren’t forgotten about. We hope that our boxes can comfort mourning hearts and help you to rebloom into a new kind of beautiful. Thank you for visiting our website!